good news!

So yesterday I got my offer for an in person interview in Chicago (one of my favorite cities!) at the end of the month. My husband has a phone interview tomorrow. Guess what…same school!

I feel like things are just falling into place. I’ve been talking to lots of people on Facebook who are interviewing too. Most of them are going through ADEC…but the ones who are trying for Dubai would also be at my school! That makes me so happy…I am building these relationships and getting support before I even go. I feel like God is opening these doors…I just hope I’m right. Because my mother-in-law…well let’s just say she isn’t happy about it. And that makes me sad.

I’ve still been reading blogs and doing research…but I’m pretty convinced that Dubai is awesome. Will it be a huge change and culture shock? YES Will I be homesick and miss my friends and family? YES But the opportunity to teach at a private international school and get out of debt is a dream come true!

Prayers appreciated!


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