In my last post, I mentioned that I had a bad experience trying to get my fingerprints done. Well since then, I’ve gotten them done and I am waiting to mail them off because we’ve had crazy snow days for the past week. If you live in the south, you know that everything basically shuts down in the snow.

First attempt at getting fingerprints done: my husband got permission to leave work early and met me in Harrisburg because he works in Charlotte, but we were going to get our fingerprints done at the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office. I had checked online and all it said was they do fingerprints only on MWF from 8-4 and you needed a valid driver’s license. So we get there at 3:30 and hand the lady our licenses and I say “oh it’s not our correct address.” Immediately she gives me a dirty look and says “well you’ll have to come back later because it’s not valid.” I explain that Robert took time off from work to come out there and we need them ASAP and she says that we don’t have to wait until we get the new ones in the mail but we need the printouts from the DMV website saying we changed it. I ask if there’s anywhere near by that we can use the internet and she says maybe the library. So we drive the 2 minutes to the library but it’s closed so my husband is super ticked off and I feel stupid, but I say maybe we can use our iPad to do it and then screen shot and email her the photo. So we drive back over to the sheriff’s office and I run upstairs while Robert waits with Emma (our one year old) and I ask if there’s wifi and of course there isn’t because it’s basically a jail…but I realize I can do the same thing on my phone (duh!) and call Robert and tell him to come up. At this point it’s 3:50 and the lady comes out and I tell her what I’m trying to do and she says I don’t have enough time and I point out that it isn’t 4 yet. Robert gets up there and we’re trying to get the info put in (which involves a stupid PIN that we had to get emailed to us so that was an extra step) and remember we’re looking at tiny iPhone screens…and I’m at the last step and it’s 4:01 and guess who comes out.

Did you guess the rude lady who I’ve been dealing with?

Because if you did, you’d be wrong.

She sent out a uniformed sheriff who says “are you trying to get your fingerprints done?” and I say “yes!” thinking he’s going to be nice, but he isn’t. He says “Well I’m sorry but you’re going to have to come back another day.” I explain to him that Robert took time off and we really need it and we’re almost done and he says “well next time you’ll just have to plan better.”

So fast forward to last week when I call the sheriff’s office because I wanted to double check and make sure that I could use the screen shots because Robert left his print outs at his school (which was locked down like Fort Knox due to the snow days) and still be able to do it and the rude lady is on the phone and she says “actually I talked to my superior and when I told him that I was going to let you do that he said I couldn’t, so you actually need the print outs.” So I proceed to explain to her that on her website all it says is a valid license but on her phone recording she says specifically “a valid license with your correct address” and I say that she should have that on the website too. She basically thinks that I’m an idiot for asking that of her and that I should know that valid means it has the right address.


So I go online to see if we can get the fingerprints done in Charlotte instead and they do them EVERY WEEKDAY from 8-5. I call them and make sure that I can get it done with just the print outs and she says yes, no problem.

Well, Robert still can’t get to his printouts so I decide to go by myself and I get there and guess what. They don’t even care if your address is correct. She says “oh yea as long as it’s not expired.”

So, Robert could have gotten his done too!

Why do some people make things so difficult????

Side note: getting your fingerprints done is pretty awesome. It looks like ink when it prints, but the whole thing is done on the computer.

To completely change topics, we had interviews with a school in Korea last week. It was done through Skype which was stressful because 1. I HATE SKYPE and 2. the microphone wasn’t working, so they had to call me so they could hear me but I was still on the screen.

The job I interviewed for was teaching English as Second Language which I honestly know nothing about but it sounds fun and I think I’m smart enough to be able to do anything with the proper training. We should hear back some time this week. Next week is the HUGE interview with Dubai.

In the mean time, Robert’s grandmother has also passed away so we have her funeral to go to tomorrow and I’ve had a huge argument with my sister-in-law which stemmed from her finding out about our desire to teach abroad. Maybe more about that later.



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