Well we came we saw and we hopefully conquered. We are currently driving home from Chicago…wow what a long drive! We were lucky enough to stay with my BFF who lives half way. It’s amazing how exhausting it is being in a car for too long…maybe because of a lack of fresh air. 

Chicago was amazing! We’ve been one time before. This time was sans kids and it was FREEZING. I have seriously never been that cold before! We didn’t do a whole lot because of the weather. We also didn’t want to move our car because parking is ridiculous. In Charlotte you can park all day for $15 at the most…in Chicago its like $15 an hour!

We visited the American Girl store which blew us away and ate at the original Pizzeria Uno which actually wasn’t good. 

We spent the rest of our time relaxing and preparingn for the interviews. When the time came I felt completely at ease and I think it went well. The scary part is that two other girls who were there were going for the same position as Robert. We know another girl interviewing today for it too. So if God wants this for us, he will make it happen. We probably won’t find out until Tuesday…but that doesn’t stop me from checking my email every 5 minutes 😉


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