discouraged, but determined


I realize that it has been 2 weeks since I last posted. Well guess what…we didn’t get the jobs. *insert huge sad face here*

There is definitely a grieving process that happens when you get very disappointing news like that. That sounds so cheesy, but it’s true.

You get the email: “Thank you for your interest but you have not been recommended for the position.”

What? (this is shock)

You reread it several times (this is denial)

It takes a little while, but you start to feel upset.

Then you think “maybe they sent it to the wrong person” (more denial)

You get angry. You wonder what you said wrong. Or maybe your husband is the reason you didn’t get the job because he interviewed too. You wonder what the person is like who got the job instead of you.

You get mad at God. You cry. You start to think you aren’t good enough.

And then guess what? You accept that God has a plan and that it wasn’t for you go to that particular school. So you pray and you eventually get over it. And you start to move on.

So what does that mean for me? Well, I’ve continued researching more jobs. I’ve registered with some more recruiting companies. I actually have a Skype interview tomorrow with another school in UAE…but I’ve got my sights set on Korea now.

I’m just such a planner and like to know as far in advance as possible what I’m doing…so at some point I’ve got to just let it go. We have a LOT of stuff to get done in less than 6 months if we are going to do this. So if you’re reading this, if you could say a little prayer for us that we will seek God’s will and not our own and that He will bless us wherever he wants us to be, that would be great.



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