in limbo

I cannot believe it’s been almost a month since I last posted. A lot has happened since then…but unfortunately one of them isn’t “I got hired”. Of course I celebrated turning 35 and I have applied with several other recruiting companies. One of them is called “Teach ESL Korea” and it looked pretty promising…but it seems that our kids are a bit of an issue. I appreciate the recruiter’s honesty! Basically if we both want to work (which we do because the pay in Korea isn’t great), we shouldn’t both start at the same time. And the apartment will be like a studio size. And we’ve read conflicting reviews about hagwons (private language schools) which may or may not be a good situation and the hours are pretty crappy (like 1-9pm or 10-6). So, as great as Korea sounded (especially because I know 2 people who live there), it isn’t ideal. There was talk of Singapore which I love the idea of, but now that may have fallen through too. The last word from this company is China.

I have also decided to apply for ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council) through footprints recruiting and I’ve passed the phone interview. Next step is the in person interview which will be May 6 or 7 in New York City. Not sure how I’m going to pay for it yet, but we shall see. Honestly, if I don’t get this job I will probably give up all together.

My husband isn’t really on board with this new plan 100%. I understand his concerns, but for me it seems pretty crazy to not take this opportunity.

Current situation: we live paycheck to paycheck with no savings and actually have quite a bit of debt to pay off; I go to work at 7am and return at the earliest at 5pm which leaves 2.5-3 hours to spend with my kids before they go to bed…but often times I am at school until 7, 8…even 11 pm depending on the sports season; we haven’t had a raise in 5 years and there isn’t one in sight; my mom lives with us and although that’s awesome 99% of the time, it can be a annoying that 1% of the time

Potential situation: 1 of us can make what we make together now (!!!!!!!); housing is included; we will downsize to 1 car; the aforementioned things mean we can put money in SAVINGS!!!; I will work from 7am until 3 at the latest; we will have time as a family of 4; they will fly us home every summer

Will my school be great? who knows?

Will my students be good? who knows?

Will we love it there? who knows?

But the way I look at it, we need to try this out! If it isn’t great, we will come back at the end of the contract. Or if it’s horrible, we can leave after a year…but it’s crazy not to try!


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